Sunday, June 17, 2007


Today I'm grateful for these men, who have each played a special fatherly role in my life. In particular, my dad, a father of seven...whom I love, revere, honor, and respect; and my wonderful husband, John, who is the father of our sweet angel boy- Isaac, and Ruby- our precious little gem. What a joy it has been for me to witness, firsthand, these men honoring the most important role...of Father.

Grandpa Waterman (my step mom Lynell's dad), John (my husband), Vaughn (my mother-in-law's husband), and Dad

Jerry (my father-in-law)

These pictures were taken the day Ruby was blessed. I'm privileged to have so many wonderful father figures in my life. I'm also grateful for their worthiness in giving, and also participating in priesthood blessings; and for their uprightness in holding this most sacred power. These men, are men of God; and I wish to recognize them this Father's Day...
Thank you!-Dad, John, Grandpa Waterman, Jerry, and Vaughn. You have all blessed my life... just by being you. Love you!

Happy, Happy Fathers Day!


Judy said...

Thank you Nicole for your sweet comments and pictures of all the dads. When Issac was born, I learned what a strong spiritual man your father is. These are great men.

John said...

Thank you Nicole! I had a wonderful day and felt very appreciated. I love you tons!