Friday, March 23, 2007

roy rogers who?

Tonight we went to a ward progressive dinner, in the which John and I were definitely the "babies" of the group. We talked a lot about how the times have changed, and how sad it is that the kids of this generation are too young to know or remember anything about certain people (that made an impact), or events, or things. One of the sisters (who is a school teacher) told us that some of her students don't even know what a record player is. When she said something about Ben-Hur to them, they looked at her like...huh? And (this, I can't imagine), some of them had never even heard of Mozart. She said that one boy went to the music store wanting to get a CD of the band "mozart", and came back disappointed because the employee had never heard of that band either.
Another sister then said, "If you think that's bad, I met someone who didn't have a clue who Roy Rogers was!" Everyone started laughing, including John and myself (I wasn't about to admit that I really had never heard of the guy). They must have observed, amidst all the laughter, our looks of confusion, because they then asked "wait do you guys even know who he is?" When I replied "uh...well...the name sounds familiar...", their high pitched shrills turned into howling laughter...and then John and I joined in, of course!

But I was just wondering...should I know who Roy Rogers is?


Judy said...

Roy Rogers and his wife Dale were famous when I was growing up. He was a cowboy and in a lot of movies. We used to play cowboys and cowgirls all the time, especially when we were in Greer. Reed had a full Roy Rogers outfit. It really was fun then. That was a long time ago, so I can see why you wouldn't know who is was. His horse was named TRIGGER.

ahe said...

I know Roy Rogers was a cowboy in the movies but that is about all I could tell you.

Smokin' Piper... said...

Of course Judy and I would remember Roy Rogers and Dale Evans (and, of course, Trigger), but I don't see why you and John would know anything about them. My favorite cowboy of my boyhood was Paladin on "Have Gun, Will Travel". (But I'll bet you've never heard of him, either...)

Jaime said...

Nic, this whole Roy Rogers thing makes me laugh because I am actually related to him. I'm sure that is the only reason I know of him. I do know that he was the "King of Singing Cowboys" and he had a TV series all about him back in the day. What can I say, I guess I'm famous???? Ha Ha