Saturday, February 24, 2007

dinner with ruby and george...

Thursday night we went out to dinner (at Applebees) with George and Ruby Hovden. John and I went to pick them up, and they got the biggest kick out of the fact that we drive the same car as they do (even the same year). On the drive over to the restaurant, we told them that we have a nephew just older than Ruby, named George. They couldn't believe it! At the restaurant, we all ordered the same things; each couple had an Oriental Chicken Salad, Ruby and I both ordered Root Beer, and the guys drank water. Quite an evening...full of coincidences! (Not to mention the way in which we met, which was a total coincidence in and of itself. How often do you have someone come right up to you and ask what your baby's name is? And when you tell her, she gasps, because that's her name too?! So Funny.)
We had a great evening, talking, laughing, and getting to know one another. It's fun to have friends that have so much life experience (they're both 87 years old). Ruby said that we should do an ad for Walmart...Come and make new friends (of all ages) Walmart.
I thought that was cute!

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