Monday, January 29, 2007

my monday...

I never used to like Mondays. In fact, I loathed them so much, that it wasn’t uncommon for my "enjoyment" of the (much anticipated) weekend, to be outweighed by my "dread" of the inevasible MONDAY! It was, without exception, such a torment to have to start a new week of school or work, and it always seemed to me that the weeks were so drawn out! Now, time flies by so quickly, I feel like I can’t keep up (another affirmation that I must be getting older). Anyway, I realize this may sound crazy to some, but I’m really starting to like Mondays. I especially looked forward to this Monday (today) because it meant the end of a really boring, stuck in bed, 24 hour flu (or gnarly bug) weekend. (That’s right, I woke up several times, in the middle of the night Friday, fighting bouts of nausea, among other things …I’ll spare you the details.) Needless to say, it took the entire weekend to get my energy back, and finally, today, I woke up feeling 100% back to normal!
So, one might ask, why do you like Mondays? And here’s my response: I like Mondays because:
1) I always feel rejuvenated (physically and spiritually).
2) I usually have a spotless house, clean laundry, and a fridge and cupboards stocked with food (thanks to Saturday)!
3) I have the chance to re-evaluate the previous week, and set goals for the upcoming.
4) If I do need to make changes, Monday is a perfect day to start…it’s like getting a clean slate.
5) It means another fun an eventful week with my little tot!

And finally, last (but certainly not least)…
6) Prison Break, 24, and Heroes (I said I’m not a soap junkie, but I am a Monday night TV junkie!)

And now, Why do I like this particular Monday?…well, because:

1) It’s a beautiful day…70 degrees and sunny (that alone makes me happy)!
2) I’ve already gone to the gym, and yes, got my 6 miles out of the way!
3) I had a great chat with my Dad on the phone!
4) I have a ton of energy, and can eat (or drink) anything without fear of vomiting!
5) Ruby does not have Strep, RSV, or any type of infection (parents always fear for the worst)!
6) She just has a cold, and will be back to her happy, smiley self in no time!
7) She just cut a tooth on the top (so when she does get back to smiling, it will be a big “toothy” grin)!
And finally, last (but certainly not least)…
8) John came home for lunch! There’s almost nothing better than having a nice, relaxing, mid-day break with my wonderful husband and beautiful daughter!

My Monday…such a happy, fulfilling, perfect day!

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