Friday, January 26, 2007

laugh•ter [laf-ter, lahf-] -noun

I’ve been feeling kind of down lately for two reasons: 1) the gloomy weather we’ve been having… and 2) my little Ruby has been sick. It’s been so long since I’ve been out (other than my daily excursion to the gym), and I guess being cooped up inside(for more than one or two days in a row)…can really start to get you down. With that said, I decided, (while Ruby’s napping) to come up with a list of 10 or so things that have made me laugh this week. I figure, if I could just come up with a few, I’d start feeling better in no time! …after all, isn’t laughter supposed to be the best medicine??

1) The snow in Mesa!!!
2) Ruby head butting Grandpa Jerry
3) Days of our Lives (I promise I’m not a soap junkie…I just turn it on occasionally to see if anything new has happened since my high school days) That show is seriously so cheesy…and the acting is hilarious!
4) My ghetto headphones I use at the Gym (I got them from the airline…they’re even adorned with little airplane wings!)

5) My Dad’s new alias…The Smokin’ Piper…
6) Speaking of aliases, did you know that “Tim Allen” (you know, the Home Improvement Guy) is just an alias for “Tim Dick”? (I would’ve changed my name too!)

7) …And that he spent over 2 years in prison for selling marijuana??? Tim Allen???...the guy who plays Santa???

8) Ruby sitting in her bebe pod

…watching tv. (maybe that’s more “cute” than “funny”?)

9) The Office… “IT takes a big man to admit his mistake…& I am that big man”. (John and I just watched that episode last night)…we were rolling.

10) John’s Biore Strips (don’t worry, I asked his permission to post this)

Wow! That felt good! In fact, I found myself laughing all over again while compiling this list. I highly recommend this to anyone who may be feeling “down in the dumps” (don’t we all have those moments occasionally?)…It’s very therapeutic!


John said...

That picture looks like I have whip cream on the end of my nose!

Brooke said...

Nicole, man you wouldn't be able to handle living at my house. We rarely go out and about. We are homebodies. I am sorry you've been feeling fun! It's 2:40 and neither one of the kids is I am depressed!