Monday, September 24, 2012

seven months

This little bubba turned 7 months a couple of weeks ago.   
I know I say this in every post...but seriously, where is the time going?! 
I can't believe how grown up my little peanut is already!

As much as I love the newborn stage, and find myself at times wishing with all my heart it could last forever...
there really isn't anything quite like watching your baby grow and discover his little world around him. 
The simple things that bring him a piece of paper, a spoonful of rice cereal, a snuggle.
The way he watches, in wonder and awe, as his siblings dance around the room.
Or how he carefully studies people when they fascinating it is to watch someone take their food from their plate to their mouth.  Jude follows every move with his eyes, and salivates through the process.
He loves watching cartoons with his brother and sister, and staying up late with his mom and dad.
He appreciates good music, and a warm bath.
He enjoys spending time in his exersaucer, and going for walks in his stroller.
He adores his big sister, and is crazy about his brother.

He's still the happiest little person I have ever known.
I swear, I could be having the worst day of my life, and all I have to do is hold him in my arms, or glance at his darling face, or look into his sweet brown eyes, or lean in for a big slobbery kiss...
and my worries are no more.  It's foolproof. 
Not to mention his smile.  He flashes his two pearly whites at me...and it's over.

I'm so grateful to my Heavenly Father for blessing us with such a sweet little spirit.  
Jude has no idea how much he is loved and adored...
but I am determined, as his mother, to make sure that he feels it...
 every day of his life.

Happy 7 Months, darling Jude.


Cormac said...

what! I can't believe it either seven months already. What a sweet boy, his gummy smile it to die for. I love the pic of him and john in bed it is so adorable. loves

Scarlett said...

I can't believe how big he is! Absolutely adorable. :)