Wednesday, December 7, 2011

the ever growing belly

i know i haven't posted much about the pregnancy lately.
it's not because i haven't wanted to.
in fact, i had every intention of writing my sweet jude a letter every week,
which would also include a pregnancy update,
but the truth is, i just still feel pretty terrible.
i keep hoping i'll reach that magnificent moment when all of the sudden you just notice that you feel better
(with ruby that happened around 23 or 24 weeks);
but i'm now almost 31, and still feel lousy, have no energy, haven't much of an appetite, etc, etc.
so i've now swallowed the fact that i probably won't feel better until this little one is out of me.
and then it's just a whole new set of pains that mostly have to do with sleep deprivation...
and breastfeeding...
and if i remember right, (i mean, it has been over 5 years)
i recall the recovery not being the biggest party of the century either.
now i'm starting to sound like a big bag of complaints.
i do realize that these things just come with the territory, and are really such a small sacrifice in comparison to the blessing of a new little one.
i can't wait to meet this sweet baby boy.

i have, however, despite the fact that i loathe being in front of the camera,
tried to get some sort of belly shot every week, just to document it's perpetual growth.
i seriously feel like it's getting bigger by the day...
at least that can be said of my buns and thighs without question.
it's funny, too, how different outfits can really accentuate the belly (and buns and thighs).
like, take a look at week 23, for example.
hmmmm.....i'm starting to wonder if perhaps blue's not really my color??


Angie P said...

I don't know what you are talking about! You are the CUTEST pregnant lady ever! I only hope I will look like you when I have babies. I am sorry that you have been feeling sick. But you are almost there! Hang in there! I love you so so much!

John said...

That's one beautiful woman!

Cormac said...

Nic you look so cute! The cutest lil pregnant belly ever. I'm sorry your so sickies but if you're not to hungry that's less to lose later. I probably would rater gain more than be sick though, feeling ill is the worst. And you're right recovery is no picnic I can't wait to sleep through a night again I think we just have to get tough and kick the kids out tears or no. But you're darling and I wish we could hang out for Christmas we'll miss you! loves

Tara said...

Good for you for getting a picture every week. Can't say the sme at this house. Hope you do feel better soon. I can't believe that you only have nine weeks left! Hooray for Jude!