Saturday, November 19, 2011

mom iz sik

ruby handed me this endearing drawing today.
it made me laugh.
not only is it's also a perfect depiction of how i've been feeling this past week.
yes it's true folks, a nasty green virus is making it's way around these parts,
and unfortunately expectant mothers (or any mother for that matter) are not immune to it's indignation.
it's sad that it's taken as long as it has to get over this thing.
when it caught hold of john, he was able to take an entire day to sleep it off;
and as a result, he was better in just a couple of days.
i guess i have made a few bad choices,
like going to the park (for 4 hours, no less),
and attending the school carnival because my little princess has been talking about it non-stop for three weeks;
but for the most part, i have been doing my best to stay down and take it easy.
unfortunately, the job of a mother must go on...through sickness and health;
and so the term "sleeping it off" is pretty foreign to me, if not to most moms.
i think i'll just stay in tonight, and maybe even play hookie from church tomorrow.

who knows, maybe just a couple more days and i'll be able to nip this thing in the bud...

because apparently, at least according to ruby's drawing, i also turn into the devil when i'm sick.
and heaven forbid my children see me as anything less than the angel mother that i am...


Angie P said...

haha this is adorable. I love her. And you!

natalie eve said...

boo for being sick. 4 hours at the park??? who are you? 2 makes me feel like i should get a mother of the year award.