Wednesday, November 2, 2011

i've got a golden ticket!

i knew full well that we'd never be able to top last year's costumes.
i wasn't even going to try.
in fact, john and i decided that we would scale WAY back this year, picking a relatively simple theme, and then each year we could do a bit more...
you know, make the costumes a little bit better than the previous years',
thus gradually working our way back up to the top again.
so for scaling back and simplifying, i think we still did a pretty good job.

we decided on the willy wonka theme almost a year ago, but thought we'd get some resistance from the kids about being oompa loompas.
after showing them the movie however, they were thrilled about the idea...
and even suggested that we make dix-d an oompa loompa, too.
they've viewed the film a hundred times since, and every time they watch it, asher says "look mom, there's ruby and asher!".
it was obvious that john would be willy wonka, and i decided to be violet beauregarde (only because, although i love veruca salt's red dress, i didn't think i'd be able to pull off because of how short it is).
as it turned out, my pregnant belly, and rather large body, thanked me profusely for going with the violet look.
we ended up having such a great time;
and the kids (and dog) managed to keep their wigs and gloves on all night...
which, i figured, would have been less likely than finding a golden ticket in a wonka bar.

Willy Wonka

Violet Beauregarde

Oompa Loompas


Laurel said...

Once again, you have outdone yourself, Nicole! Awesome -- in so many ways!!!

Jessica said...

You guys look fabulous! I LOVE the picture of Ruby and Asher posing as oompa loompas. They're so cute! I can't believe how much you guys all look like the originals from the movie. So impressive!!

Karissa Kay said...

I seriously look forward to your costumes all month! SO amazing!!

Colleen said...

You guys look amazing...and it totally competes with last you!!! I love it!

Hello my Name is Rachel... said...

Oh my goodness I love it!!! Best costumes ever! Loved Dix-d's wig :):):)

~~Heidi~~ said...

you guys look amazing!! You always do, so cute and clever!!

Rania said...

You guys kill me! Love it, love it and love it!

Taralee said...

HI, I love these costumes! I found your blog via pinterest. I was just wondering how you made the blue suit. I'm assuming you've got one of those inflatable suits underneath the clothes, but did you make blue clothes yourself or purchase them?
(Also, did you make the rest of the costumes-the oompa loompa outfits & the purple coat-yourself? I've seen those for purchase but none look as awesome or spot on as yours do!)

T. C.