Monday, June 6, 2011

birthday burgs

may 24th, 2011

ruby got to celebrate her birthday today with her teacher and classmates {since her real birthday is during the summer}.
we had known for awhile about this day, and that she'd be able to pick out any treat she wanted to bring and share with her friends.
she saw a picture of these little hamburgers online one day as i was looking at a craft blog,
and literally begged me to make them for her birthday treat.
i laughed that more than cookies or cupcakes, brownies or pizzookies {all things we had originally talked about}, she wanted these little cookie burgers.
i obliged {i mean, how can one deny the request of the birthday girl?}
and surprisingly, they turned out pretty cute...and pretty good, too
{yes i may have helped myself to a birthday burger...or two}.


Kim said...

Those are too cute! How did you make them? Lincoln would love them because they are teeny!

Jackie said...

OMGoodness! They're absolutely adorable! What are they made of? You did a fantastic job!