Monday, June 6, 2011


may 25th 2011

john did a much better job with my birthday than i did with his -
despite my best intentions and efforts.
he took a couple of hours off of work, mid-day, and we headed back downtown {second time in two days} to the arizona science center and used the tickets i had gotten him for his birthday.
we then hit up a fun restaurant that my friend, diana, had suggested called the duce.
it was a really low-key local place with a cool urban vibe.
they had free valet parking, great retro clothing and decor, and yummy organic food...
but my favorite was probably the cute little vintage soda and pie bar.
loved it.
very cool.
i highly recommend it to anyone who happens to be in the downtown phoenix area.

john had to get back to finish up his work day,
but that night we went out as a family to five guys {he knows it's one of my favorites...atta boy}.
the plan was to hit up coldstone for dessert, and then drop the kids off with the baby-sitter while we headed out for a late night movie...
but...after giving it much thought, we concluded that we were just too full for dessert...
and too tired for the movie.
we thought it best to head home, get the kids in bed, and then have another go at the redbox movie we had rented for john's birthday, yeah the one during which i so rudely fell asleep after only 30 minutes.
we got in bed, snuggled up together...
and what would you know?
i made it about 10 minutes, and was out.

turning 34 is really taking it's toll on me.
and that's pathetic.

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