Wednesday, April 27, 2011

i'm falling behind

i can't catch up.
and i'm not just talking about the blog either.
it's me. it's my life. it's my home, and my garage, and just pretty much my everything.
life is beating me up {in a good need to's just busy is all}.
and no matter how hard i try to grab hold of it - you know, to get a handle on things - i invariably fall three or four steps behind.
it must be me.
it has to be something i'm doing {or not doing} to myself, and so i guess unless i make some major changes, i think my life will always feel this way - which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but a crazy thing, no doubt.
and i don't exactly want to live the rest of my life feeling like a basket case.

just today, as a case in point, we colored easter eggs.
wait. isn't it? three days past easter?
i'm telling you, this is the story of my life.
always a good three or four steps behind.

last year we tried the silk tie method of coloring our eggs; and were so pleased with the results, that we decided to attempt it again today...of course without forsaking the traditional {colored tablets in vinegar} approach.

to my utter astonishment, things were going rather well...

that is...

until asher crushed the heck out of one of his eggs,
and then managed to spill blue dye all over my rug.

that was it.
without hesitation, i quickly {and excitedly} unstrapped him, removed his little apron, and put him straight to bed.
am i just the meanest?

then ruby's friend came over, and our coloring fest went downhill from there. no longer was coloring easter eggs with mom, the cool {or even fun} thing to do. the girls ran off in pursuit of bigger and better things, and that left me...

all alone.

all alone {aside from my little green egg friend}, with 12 empty bowls of colored dye, a soiled tablecloth, a stained rug, a sink full of egg coloring dishes...and, sadly, lacking the desire or energy, to do a darned thing about it.


natalie eve said...

holy moly, nicole. you couldn't have said it better.

i feel the exact same way. so much so, that i decided i had to cut working out, out of my schedule. i know that seems bizarre and totally backwards but i am not getting the sleep i need to do it.

i am striving so hard to find time to do it all... maybe that's just it. we CAN'T do it all.

your easter eggs are to DYE for (bah, i couldn't help myself). no, but seriously, those are stellar. what is the silk tie method? i've never heard of it.

your bangs look great.

sorry about your stained rug.

and sorry i just wrote you a novel.

disillusioned said...

This whole year has been like that for me. Finally when I was feeling more sick than well, I went to the dr. and found out I was pretty significantly Vitamin D deficient. When I looked up the symptoms--wow!!! I had no idea.

Of course, I live in the north (way north), and you live south--but you never know. Something could be physically off. Sometimes it's worth the blood tests to find out (especially if there's something you can actually do about it).

Mary P. :)

diana said...

amen. i get it. and you're not the only one.

p.s. sorry to add to your craziness and cause ruby to think her mom's idea was less fun than playing with her friend.

Jodi Oliver said...

Hey Nicole!! Hope all is well in AZ!!! Question, what camera do you use for your effects? Or is it software. I got gutsy a few months ago and bought a Holga camera and I like it but of course I have to have the film processed. I have been wanting to ask you this for some time and just now got around to doing it!!!! Tell little Ruby and Asher hello, and John too of corse!!!

If you have time email me!!