Tuesday, February 22, 2011

9 lives

today ruby chose to take her little cat for show 'n' tell...for the 2nd time.
she gets to bring something for show 'n' tell everyday, so on occasion, we get some repeats.
this little cat has quite the history.
she comes all the way from china-town in san fransisco.
john picked her out especially for ruby when he was there on business a few months back.
and even though we're not really a cat family, it was love at first sight for ruby as she first held her miniature, and very life-like kitten.
the next day, she took her little kitty to show 'n' tell at school.
she came home and told me that all her friends loved her kitty cat, and that everyone wanted a turn to pet her.
we hadn't been home more than 10 minutes, though, when she came running into the kitchen (where i was preparing lunch) in complete hysterics. she was just sobbing.
she informed me that dix-d had pooed all over her little kitty.
what? i thought.
i followed her into the playroom, where kitty was lying on the floor - completely defaced...and skinned.
what ruby thought was poo, was actually kitty...without any fur.
and yes, it was dix-d who had gotten to her. it really is true, dogs don't care much for cats, do they?
i did my best to patch her up. she was far from perfect when i was finished, but ruby did not even recognize the difference, and i became her hero that day.
if it's also true that cats have 9 lives...i guess this little one has 8 to go.


Rachel said...

Poor kitty! You did a great job patching her up!

diana said...

darn it dix-d.

good job mama!

E. Fekry said...

Really.. I love your blog and your family ( :