Tuesday, January 11, 2011

neat little rows

My little Asher, bless his heart, has never been one for order.
His life motto (if he could flat out tell me) I'm sure would be something like this-
dump it out, throw it, crush it, jump on top of it, mix it up, mess it up, smash it...
and then start all over again.
Hence his nickname tornado.
One can only imagine, then, my state of utter shock when he was discovered in his playroom today- quietly and methodically - lining all of his cars up in neat little rows.

Now if Ruby hadn't been at school, I never would have believed that he was solely responsible for creating something...so...systematic...and orderly.
I praised him up and down, and over and over, and took at least a dozen pictures.
He was just a grinning from ear to ear...so proud of himself.

Then when Ruby got home, they created this masterpiece together...

Again I was in utter shock.
Not only by their precise system of displaying all the cars, but that he was actually cooperating and conducting himself in a civilized manner - and for more than 3 minutes at a time.

He really is growing up and making progress.

Still has a ways to go toward perfection....

but then again, who doesn't?


disillusioned said...

My nephew lines up everything (especially his cars) too.

Have you ever watched Baby Signing Time with him? That's really helped my niece with her language (and has made a way for she and her mom to communicate together and understand each other--at least some of the time :) )

Great pictures--way to go Asher!

Mary P.

buddens said...

what a cutie. oh, boys. my goodness they're crazy but so fun! and we have the exact same rug for our playroom and the exact same kitchen! :)

Amy Eagleston said...

I love little boys and their cars.

natalie eve said...

HAHA! that actually is impressive. i have yet to see emmi do something like that.

that girl lives by many of asher's mottos.

i SO need a playroom. toys are overtaking my house!

p.s. i was so cold today when i got home that i curled up under 3 thick blankets. my body started unthawing under them and it felt like an icebox. i had to hop in the hottest shower known to man to warm up. and amen, about attempting to sit on the toilet. i have to pee so bad right now and don't dare subject myself to the pain! haha.

Donna said...

Asher and Timothy need to meet...or maybe not, we might not survive the mess. We call Timothy our "Little Tornado" as well. Such a sweet little guy.


Hey Nicole. I hope you don't mind that I took a peek at your blog (I saw that you had one on facebook!). I am so sorry to hear about your pregnancy...I had a miscarriage before I had my oldest, Wyatt. It's a hard thing...(I was just 8 weeks along) Your family is absolutely adorable!! Wyatt used to line his cars up like that too. Maybe we'll see you around?..Walmart, girls camp? :)
Christine Williams

Kelly and Jill Burk said...

How stink'n cute! My little guy Porter has a love affair for cars as well. Isn't it so fun to see your kids play together!?!? Your kids get cuter and cuter by the minute!

diana said...

the lining up of cars reminded me of when ava used to do that.

don't you love it when your kids play well together? i am never happier than when they are alone laughing together.