Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the friendly beasts

I'm embarrassed that I'm just now getting around to putting up some pictures and video from Ruby's preschool Christmas program.
It's been over a month now.
My goal is to have all of my holiday posts completed and posted, (it's sad how many of my blog entries are still in the 'draft' stage - finished, or nearly finished - but never published) by the end of January.
I have to be honest. This little program was probably one of the cutest things I have ever seen. It actually made me cry. A few times.
The whole thing was centered on Christ. No songs about Santa, or the reindeer.
Nothing about jingling bells or christmas tree rockin'.
Every song had something to do with the Christ Child, and let me just tell you, nothing even compares to hearing innocent children sing about the Savior.
They sang songs like Picture a Christmas, Christmas Bells are Ringing, and even the familiar primary song, If The Savior Stood Beside Me.
Probably my very favorite, was their sweet and tender rendition of The Friendly Beasts song. First I must ask, where has this song been all my life? I don't understand how I had never heard it before, especially since it's been around for centuries. Well, at least since the 1920's.
I don't know, maybe I had heard it.
All I know is that never has it affected me like it did that day...
hearing my sweet 4 year old sing it with a few of her friends.

Isn't that just the sweetest song? It makes me cry every time.
It may seem silly to some, but for me, it's nothing but beautiful.
I love contemplating that very special night, and not just the important role the shepherds, wise men, and angels played...but the animals as well.
After all, God loves His beasts too, doesn't He?
I have listened to several versions of this song since I first heard Ruby sing it with her class; and I must say...none of them even compare in my book.
I guess if I had to rank them, this would take a close second.
The arrangement is simply beautiful. Had me crying (surprise, surprise), but also laughing at the same time.
I love songs that can play with my emotions like that.

Ruby was the star in her play.
When I first asked her what she was going to be, she replied,
"I'm the star, mom, and Miss Arlene said that we're all friends, and that friends don't laugh at each other."
Needless to say, I was pretty anxious to see what this star outfit was going to look like.
The day of the program arrived, and just as Miss Arlene had admonished, and to my relief, the children did not laugh at Ruby in her star costume.

Rather, it was the parents - myself included - whom you'll hear, how should I say it, expressing amusement, upon her grand entrance.
I mean how could you not at least chuckle?

She's stinkin' adorable.


Amy Eagleston said...

Super cute!

Karissa Kay said...

She is the cutest little star I've ever seen! So adorable!

diana said...

haha, i love it! she certainly is a star, isn't she?