Friday, November 19, 2010

sew much love...

If you have ever served in the Young Women's program,
or are at all familiar with how YW is run,
you'll know all about the two big evening programs that happen every year.
First you've got New Beginnings - held at the beginning of each year,
and then there's Young Women in Excellence, at the end of the year.
Since I've been in YW, I've been involved in planning and executing eight of these special evening programs.
That's a lot.
Let's see if I can remember them all.
First we did a Movie Theme,
then A Night at the Museum,
Sailing Home to Safe Harbor,
Mission Possible,
a News Broadcast...
next there was For such a Time as This,
The Lord's Army Wants YOU!,
and most recently,
Patterning Your Life After Personal Progress...
Check all all the fun pictures below.
This one was fun.
We brought in all things "sewing"...
notions, fabrics, threads, buttons, patterns,
and even a perfect turquoise vintage sewing machine (thanks Diana).
We had several quilts on display, and an adorable mini dress garland strewn around the room.
Our Young Women's president gave the best talk, and put together an amazing slideshow of everything we've done the past year.
We gave each girl her own sewing kit - with a tag that read
We Love You "Sew" Much (Kind of dippy, I know).
Sarah made all the girls their very own patriarchal blessing holder (very special).
And the evening concluded with some of the most delicious cupcakes I have ever tasted, thanks to Shannon.

Sew perfect.

Each of these evenings necessitated hours of hard work and preparation.
They were planned with only the girls' best interest in mind.
They were carried out with love;
each evening turned out to be unique and fun in it's own special way.

I don't know what I'll do with myself the day they release me from Young Women's.
As I sat there on Wednesday night, and stared into each of their beautiful faces,
I couldn't help but feel overcome with emotion.
We have been through a lot these past four years.
Learning moments.
Teaching moments.

And, most importantly,

Sew much Love.


sarahtuckett said...

I have been thinking about doing a post just like this.... Now, I can just put a link on my blog to your post!

It was an awesome night Nicole. I only did two more than you... "A Pagaent of Values", and "The Star Within"..... Oh how I will miss these days when we are released.

Anderson Family said...

Such adorable pictures Nicole!! You are so creative and so talented! I'm seriously so bummed that I was sick and couldn't be there to see it all put together and hear everyone speak.

Cormac said...

that scorp really freaks me out too i hate finding bugs in the house when i think i keep it so clean, so freaky. Such a darling sewing theme i want to be in your ward.

Scarlett said...

You are such a great YW leader! What a neat night you guys had.

The Sorensens. said...

This is so cute!! I wish I was that great of a leader and super crafty! I bet the girls loved it!