Thursday, October 7, 2010

my bitty bean...

Dear Baby Mine,

I was a little disappointed this week. I had a doctor's appointment that I had been really looking forward to and rather anxious about...mainly because I wanted to make sure you were growing and developing properly.
I really wanted to hear that heartbeat of yours.
They had me take a pregnancy test while I was there. I know it's just common procedure, but after taking three of them on my own at home, I was pretty sure we hadn't been mistaken about your inception.
They also informed me of my due date. Of course, I already knew that too...haven't I practically been counting down the days to your birth?
After finally performing a yearly exam, the doctor pretty much sent us on our way...but not before your daddy could ask,

Wait, don't we get to hear the heartbeart?

Not today, she said, we don't like to even try before 8 weeks.

She told us that it can be tricky to find that early on, and it's just not worth getting everyone all worked up over.
I could see her point...but I still walked out of there feeling pretty disheartened. The good news is that we get to go back tomorrow for an ultrasound. They say you're about the size of a kidney bean right now; and that's exactly what I imagine you'll look like when we see you. An itty bitty bean...
with a heartbeat no less.
Happy 8 weeks, baby.

I love you so.


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