Monday, August 23, 2010

with all her heart...

We had such a crazy weekend...well, week, really. Our niece Karen got married, so John's entire family (minus a few in-laws and nieces and nephews) was in town for the occasion. I think that the last time all the siblings were together, was for a family reunion to Greer about 5 years ago. It was wonderful to see John with all of his brothers and sisters; and I, of course, was grateful to be a part of it...but those late nights, early mornings, and lack of sleep, took it's toll on our health; and by Sunday morning, we were - all four of us - totally sick. The kids had runny noses and coughs, and John and I each had a sore throat coupled with sinus pressure and pain. None of us could even move. We did our best to care for one another, and John and I decided to take shifts with the kids. Talk about the blind leading the blind. The whole thing was pretty comical - well, it wasn't at the time, but it is now. I decided to go all out and make macaroni and cheese for dinner. It took every ounce of energy I could muster. I even washed a few grapes for us to eat. Ruby offered the blessing on the food...and as always, asked for a few additional blessings. I think it was by far the sweetest prayer she has ever given. She poured her whole heart and soul into was so tender and sincere. When she finished, I couldn't help but get up off my chair and give her a great big squeeze. John and I tried to recall everything she prayed for...but unfortunately there was just too much. It was a surprisingly long and in-depth prayer for such a little person to offer.

Here's what I remember, which is, sadly, just a tiny portion of it...

Dear Heavenly Father,
Would you please bless my mommy and my whole family to get better?
Bless that this will be THE great day.
Please bless that we can have a great Navevening.
(I asked her later what that meant, and she said "you know mom, when we sing songs together and have a lesson and eat treats?" "oh, Family Home Evening" I corrected. "yeah mom, that's what I said, Navevening.")
Please bless that we can have the spirit of hope.
Bless that we can have a new baby.
We're thankful for all the scripturians.
Bless that everyone in the world can be happy...
And that everyone in the world can have the spirit of the gospel.
Please bless the Savior.

(and last but not least...)
Bless that we can go to Disneyland someday. (A reminder that she is, in fact, just four years old).

I wish so badly that I had had a way to record every word of that sweet prayer. I was literally in awe as I listened so intently. John and I looked at each other in astonishment when she finished. I mean, we're thankful for the scripturians? Who says that? Anyway, I'm just grateful for such a sweet little girl who has taught me so much about what my own prayers should sound like. I know I'm her mommy, and I'm supposed to be teaching her everything; but wow, sometimes I'm am just amazed at how much knowledge she actually imparts to me.


buddens said...

What? Isn't Karen still six? That makes me feel so old!

diana said...

oh, i love little one's prayer's. what a sweet little girl she is.

i hope she can go to disneyland someday too... and i hope we're there to join you!