Wednesday, August 18, 2010

monsoon season

Those who know me well, know that (until recently) I haven't especially cared for the rain. It's not that I don't love the sound of it beating against the rooftop and window panes. It's not that I don't love the crisp, fresh smell of it, or the cool, invigorating feel of it as it kisses (or sometimes beats upon) my skin. So I guess It's not really the rain itself I haven't like. It's hard to put a finger on it, but I think it's more the way I most often end up feeling...inside...when it rains. I don't deal well with the dark clouds and dismal skies that generally accompany the rain. I oftentimes have a tenancy to feel despondent and weighed down by life as it it's weird how even small things such as a gloomy day, for example, can amplify those feelings of discouragement. Anyway, I think it safe to deduce that I function best in the sun. John won my heart ten times over when he moved me to the sunshine state. Actually I think the sunshine state is Florida, ha ha...but it might as well be Arizona. It's pretty much all sunshine year round - barring a couple months known as monsoon season. Have you ever experienced monsoon season in Arizona? Let me just tell you something - and this is coming from one who doesn't especially care for the rain, remember? - if you've never been caught in an Arizona summer rainstorm, you haven't lived. It's really like nothing else I've ever the rain beats down so hard and so fast...feeling, literally, as if somebody is above you, dumping buckets of water on your head. It's crazy how fast - and without any warning - it can start, and also how quickly -and without any signs of restfulness - it can just completely disappear. It never ceases to amaze me, how in just a matter of minutes, an entire river of water is created, where there hadn't previously been one. And what I love the absolute most about all of being able to experience it with Ruby and Asher. Running through the rain, splashing in the puddles, getting soaked to the bone, and laughing hysterically with my kids - makes me feel like a kid all over again - which can ofttimes be the best anecdote to some of life's most disheartening and wearisome storms.


Karissa Kay said...

what cute photos! Those storms sound like the ones we have out here in DC!

brandy said...

How funny...I just posted about the monsoon that happened the other night too! I'm so jealous because my camera didn't even come close to capturing how beautiful the rain fall was. Your pictures are beyond AMAZING. That's exactly what it looked like!!

I agree 100%, Arizona monsoons are absolutely magical.

disillusioned said...

LOVE this!!!

Mary P.

diana said...

oh, i love the monsoons!

i'm glad you can at least feel happy during the monsoons... one day, i hope you'll feel the joy i feel during dark stormy days, one day.