Thursday, March 11, 2010

just perfect

Today we went to the zoo for Ruby's field trip. It was an absolute perfect day to visit the zoo. The weather was beautiful - a bit chilly - but still sunny and pleasant. The kids were well behaved. The animals were as bizarre, and amazing, and intriguing as usual. I exchanged heartfelt conversation with a dear friend. And the kids slept the entire way home - allowing me the opportunity to reflect...and contemplate...and take it all in.

Perfect I tell you. Just perfect.


The Heaps said...

I am so glad you had such a perfect day! Love the pics of the kids...darling!

diana said...

it was perfect.

well, except for those panicky two minutes.

thank you, dear friend.

disillusioned said...

I love it when my nieces and nephew all fall asleep on the way home!

Truly perfect!

Mary P.

TiTi Fofinha said...

where city you from ?! I loved Ruby and Asher, i wish all good things for you and your family, kisses !

Amber and Dallas said...

so fun =) it is perfect weather right now... i am tryin to be a better zoo goer. love the cute picture of them both asleep =)

natalie eve said...

isn't it such a great feeling when you plan something fun and it turns out to be a success? glad you guys had fun.