Tuesday, March 2, 2010

i still love you

I tell you, this little sweetheart can make you feel like a million bucks. Tonight she overheard me complaining to John (like I do quite often) about how large I feel. He (like he always does) assured me that I'm not, and Ruby said it's ok mom, I still love you. It's good to know that even if I was as large as our house, Ruby would still love me.

An hour or two later, I was going through the whole bed time routine with her. She told me that she hated her new bed and only liked mom and dad's bed. I told her that she was breaking my heart because her daddy and I put a lot into that bed, setting it up and making it real special just for her. Then she said mommy, even though I sometimes break your heart...I still love you.

Guess where she's sleeping tonight?

Am I the world's biggest softy or what?


Jess and Matt said...

oh my goodness, that is the cutest thing. Children are so special and say the most precious things. And seriously? There is no way you could ever, EVER, EVER look large! I am always thinking, every time I see a picture of you, how awesome and HOT you look. I am not even kidding; you look amazing.

natalie eve said...

LARGE AS A HOUSE... come on nicole. i was coveting your skinny thighs at sauce as i was sitting on the bench waiting for my very own 12 inch pizza to come. ha.

that ruby is a smart one... she knows JUST what to say to get what she wants. emmi does too... and i'm constantly kicking myself in the rear for giving in so easy.

Lacking Productivity said...

Though it is no consolation...I would do some pretty insane things to have your hot bod (except diet and exercise...that's way to extreme for me).

Ethel Carola Aredes Tapia said...

me imagino amiga donde esta durmiendo Ruby me pasa con mi pequeña Manilia le compramos sabanas nuevas le hago cosas para su cama y ella solo duerme un ratito en su cama me acuesto con ella hasta que se duerme y por la madrugada aparece en nuestra cama o nos despertamos temprano y la encontramos con nosotros no sabemos a que hora pasa mas ahora con los celos que tiene por la llegada de su hermano
pienso que esta etapa pasara aunque despues extrañemos que no pase a nuestra cama jajajaja
te quiero mucho amiga y felicidades por tu hermosa familai

diana said...


oh man, the girl knows how to work you.

and i don't want to hear anymore of this large marge business.

great, great, picture. frame it.

Cormac said...

hey nic love this pic it feels so retro. ru is so sweet. i'm scared cormac will never get out of our bed either.