Monday, February 22, 2010

do you ever?

Do you ever have one of those days where you don't feel like doing a thing...except maybe curling up in your bed and sleeping the whole day away? The rain seems to do that to me. And today it hasn't appeared to let up...for even a second.
The kids and I set up a little table in the middle of the kitchen floor to eat our lunch. Now before you go thinking oh, she's such a fun mom, I need to confess that the kitchen table was covered with junk and I didn't have the desire, nor the energy, to clear it off so that we could eat. Luckily the kids weren't cognizant of that fact, and so they still think I'm the greatest mom on the planet. Now that they're both tucked away in their beds for a (let's hope) really long nap, I think I'll go and do the same.

That darn rain.


Angela said...

Yes, I do...all the time! I think we are so spoiled with sunshine here in AZ that the rain just has that affect... Anytime it's raining, I totally put on sweats and a t-shirt after my morning shower and just lounge the day away... I have no idea how people live in Washington or Oregon...I'd never get anything done!

Amy Eagleston said...

I have had an entire month of that. Seriously, I hate Feb. I am in a funk.

. said...

...well you know me...I loved every minute of it! But for your comfort, it will be gone soon!

natalie eve said...

i LOVE the rain. i think emmi does too because she took an EXTRA long nap yesterday.

halle-stinkin-lujah! bring on the rain. haha.

diana said...

ok, that's it nicole. next rainy day you're coming to our house so you can see how we celebrate the rain. you'll have fun, i promise. it's the best time to be lazy and pop popcorn, make soup, open all the windows, shriek when it thunders and play games.

seriously, next time it rains, i'm inviting you all over.