Monday, July 13, 2009

nothing...and everything

We have been doing a lot of this lately...this, meaning family time.
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Rolling on the floor together, making up dances, playing Barbies...reading. Really a whole lot of nothing...but everything at the same time. I love the memories that we've created, and I love how it makes me feel like a better mother. However, because of my commitment to spending more time with the kids, my poor blog has felt neglected(better the blog than the kids, right?). I feel like so much has happened the past couple of months...some very important things, some very funny/cute things, fun things that we've done together...all of which I know will fade from my memory if I fail to document. I'm trying to figure out a way to catch up on my blog...without discounting/neglecting the things that are of utmost importance.

Help me out here, when do you all get your blogging done?


Rachel said...

I usually only have time to blog at night after the kids go to bed. It's hard to find the time, isn't it?? :)

Lindsey said...

I am trying to only blog once a week. It is usually on wednesday nights after the kids go to bed. I find that it is often enough that I remember what happened and can document well but no so often that it is taken over my day. Let us know if you find a good strategy!

me said...

I blog at night after my boys are in bed but I know that Ruby goes to bed late so I don't know. It is hard to find the time.

diana said...

i'm glad you had a small chance to blog today. ruby and ava had fun... i'll have to post some pictures. i can't wait 'til you're back from youth conf. so we can get together and do a whole lot of nothing together, too.

buddens said...

Sadly, I don't! I have tried to figure out a way, but it hasn't happened yet. I'm thinking maybe making it a once a week activity? That's what I've tried in the past with journaling. We'll see. For now, I have no idea, I just know the summer is fun and I have gagillions of fun pictures, but if my blog were really my life, you'd think I didn't celebrate my own children's birthdays and that time itself was schizophrenic since everything I actually have posted is out of sequence! Oh well, like you said, at least the kids are happy!

natalie eve said...

i do mine while emmi is napping (and usually when i am procrastinating doing a project) or late at night when i can't sleep. blogging is therapy for me... helps me get rid of any anxiety i have. plus it's like you said... helps you remember all those funny/cute things that you otherwise would forget.

good for you for spending more time with your kids!

i'm totally digging this bootcamp. see you BRIGHT and EARLY next week!

Celeste said...

Family time is the best time of all.

I do my blogging when the kids are asleep or late at night. You know me- a night owl. Thanks again for picking me up and dragging my butt off to Sarah's bootcamp. After Thursday's workout I could barely walk!