Tuesday, April 14, 2009

sneak peek...


This is just one of the 374 Easter pictures that I took this year. Seriously, what was I thinking? And what a daunting task to have to go through each one of them...the sorting, the editing, the tossing.

This Easter was strange for me. Have you ever had the biggest and greatest expectations for something, but in reality, the actual event turns out not even remotely close to what you had envisioned? Don't get me wrong, it was a nice day...just different than what I had fancied up in my mind when I purchased our family's coordinating outfits over a month and a half ago. As luck would have it, John was deathly ill and confined to the bed all day...his pink and grey striped tie (tags still attached), clung to the collar of his charcoal suit, which - for the entire day - remained hanging on it's wooden hanger in the closet. I can't even count the number of times I layed our outfits out on my bed and dreamed about having our picture taken...and walking into church together...and staying in our Easter clothes all day - everyone commenting on how adorable we looked together. It serves me right that things turned out the way they did. I mean, who was I trying to please or impress anyway? I became completely consumed and caught up in the wrong things this year, and it came back to bite me; and actually, I'm glad that it did. I'm glad because it humbled me a bit, not to mention forced me to stop and think about the reason we have Easter in the first place. I find nothing wrong with celebrating the secular joys of the holidays...as long as the most important reasons and purposes for celebrating - always remain at the forefront of our hearts and minds...a little something I had to learn the hard way this year.

On a much happier note, I will be posting lots of Easter pics in the upcoming days...not 374 lots, but lots nonetheless. :)


Jill Hunt said...

I too had high expectations with our matching outfits too but now that my boys are getting older, it is getting harder and harder for them to do what I want them to do. Sorry John was sick but I am sure you got some great pictures of the kids. Can't wait to see them!

Kim said...

I just laughed so hard at your post. Christian always says this about me. I always think things will be bigger and better than they actually are. I can just picture you sitting on your couch with the biggest grin imagining your coordinating outfits. You're so funny!!

Rania said...

I'm just happy I pulled off easter this year. Kailey and I were in CA and I almost wanted to say that the easter bunny didn't know we were out of town. I didn't want to pack anything easterish for the plane ride. I gave her her dress a few weeks ago so she could wear it church. At the last minute I went to the store bought what they had left and came back to Gus's house and made easter eggs. Kailey enjoyed the easter we had. She even believes in th easter bunny still. Good thing I did something. I can't wait to see your pictures and I hope John is feeling better.

diana said...

i've learned to expect reality and embrace it all as it comes at me. something that took me a while to finally catch on to. i'm much happier when i don't have expectations and accept those wrenches that get thrown in at the last minute.

your family looked darling at church anyway, and i'm glad you were reminded of the sweet and real reason for easter.

love you!

Billy Allen said...

Nicole- You will be glad to know that after planning my Easter Sunday for three months, purchasing Easter attire for the kids from seven stores, traveling to Park City twice, spending a fortune, returning everything and then spending again.....I forgot to take pictures.