Tuesday, March 24, 2009

a small price to pay...

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Since Ruby is so used to taking a shower everyday, she is always begging me to let her take a bath. I feel like showers are quick, thorough, and get right to the point...whereas baths are more relaxing, time consuming, and of course, way more fun. Because baths are so much more work, though...and because I hardly ever feel up to the chore, my poor kids mainly get a shower every day. However, Lately I've had a harder time denying her request for a bath, simply because of the adorable way in which she asks me. Mommy, can I PLEASE take a bath with Asher and Ruby? (She has been using this strange third person sentence structure lately whenever she wants to do something with someone else. It's always mom, I want to ______ with _____ and Ruby. Either that, or she has an imaginary friend whom she calls Ruby.) When I do give in to her pleas for a bath, and because it is such a rarity, I always let her live it up and have a great time. We have this big blue cup that she likes to fill with water and dump on her own head, and then on Asher's. Next she'll immerse herself completely under the water, and would, in fact, float like that forever if I didn't eventually intervene. Our bathroom floor inevitably gets soaked every time as a result of her big blue cup antics...and of course, every single little rubber bath animal has to come out. She splashes, and jumps, and plays to her little heart's content.

I guess we should do bath time i.e. play time, splash time, and then clean up lots of water time, more often...it's really a small price to pay for my children's contentment and merriment.


natalie eve said...

emmi has a blue bucket that she likes to fill up and dump in her mouth... if i'm remembering right, bath water tastes better than regular water.

i give emmi a bath everyday, but her baths are extremely short, so she knows she needs to grab every toy and shampoo bottle as quick as she can and splash as quick as she can while i soap her down as quick as i can. i think she likes it when cody gives her baths... he lets her play, but he also doesn't have to do it everyday. haha.

Celeste said...

Ty could play for endless hours with water and a cup. Water is a never ending source of fun for kids. Its funny because Ty refuses to take showers, he does not like them. He'll only take baths. I agree they are more work, and my knees usually hurt by the end of them!

Ethel Carola Aredes Tapia said...

hay amiga sabes que mi hija al igual que los tuyos le encanta estar horas en el agua ella tiene dos tazas verdes la llena una y otra se tira agua en la cabeza y dice que es un pez tambien tiene una amiga invisible se llama tatiana y es gracioso verla jugar y conversar con su amiga imaginaria
la verdad que uno disfruta de cada cosa que podemos hacer con nuestros hijos
te qiero amiga y gracias por tu saludos de mi cumpleaƱos

diana said...

ava loves taking baths with emaline, and splashing all the water everywhere, too. she has so much fun in there, she never wants to get out. however, she hates bubbles in the water... weird, huh?