Thursday, January 15, 2009

something worth forwarding...

It's Aaron's 30th Birthday today. In honor of this momentous occasion, our dad sent out a birthday tribute via email. I opened it up, and read it's contents; and was completely overcome with a deeper love and adoration for my brother. As I read this beautifully written, and perfectly heartfelt tribute, I felt the desire to share it with everyone I knew. I'm not big on forwarding emails, but this is different. This email was different, not only because of it's veracity, and the validity of it's source...but mainly because of the person it honors.

(And because I'm such a visual person, I couldn't help but add a few pictures, too.)

1. He’s my firstborn son.

2. He was a momma’s boy (and he was with me when she died).

3. From his earliest days, he has been filled with compassion.
4. He is a brilliant and deep thinker.
5. He is a non-conformist…even a rebel (good natured and harmless, but a rebel nonetheless).

Ex. We chaperoned at our sister's junior prom...and Aaron wore his flip-flops :) Nice pose too, Aar..haha.

6. He is amazingly intuitive and discerning, especially about the feelings of others.

7. He is a faithful disciple of Christ and an honorable bearer of His priesthood.
8. He served a valiant mission, commencing it under heartbreaking circumstances.

9. He is an Eagle Scout.
10. He is a graduate of Brigham Young University.
11. He loves sports, and appreciates the magic of baseball.
12. He is a talented athlete.

13. Like his father, he’s a social loner.
14. He is a gifted musician.
15. His singing voice is powerful, unique, and amazingly appealing.

16. He is funny, and has always had a funny sense of humor.

17. He is a voracious reader…a devourer of literature.
18. He loves movies, and sees through them for their art.
19. He is honest on a deeper level than most.
20. He’s one of the Three Amigos.

21. He sees the good in others, even if it’s hard for most to see.
22. He’s a hard worker.
23. He’s almost a dentist.
24. He’s a good judge of character.
25. He married his soul mate – a jewel among women, and he's a good husband.

26. He is the father of a beautiful son, and he's a good daddy.

27. He is genuine and kind.
28. He is a champion for the underdogs in life.
29. He is pleasant and joyous to be around.

30. He is my friend.

I love you, Buddy! Happy Birthday!


And to add a little something to Dad's eulogy, here's just a little montage I put together for you - Happy Birthday, Aaron...I love you!


buddens said...

Social loner, huh? That's certainly complex and intriguing! He sounds like a great guy!

Kim said...

Wow, that was awesome. I loved dad's e-mail as well. You really made it come alive with all the pix.

Ace said...

Hey Nick! I just saw this today. Thank you so much. I especially loved those old seventies shots of you and I and mom and Dad--I love you.


Dad said...

I finally got to look at new schedule makes it tough to browse as I'd like. Wow! Wonderful! (your montage) Thank you for your kind remarks about my tribute.

My heart is aching...somehow I hate the passage of time, and love it, at the same time.

I love you.