Wednesday, January 28, 2009

mister self-sufficient...


Apparently Ruby's not my only child who has recently demonstrated a need to be independent. Although Asher's desire to be unaided is far less perceptible than that of his sister, it is still tangible. And the fact that it's already evidenced at 5 months, has me fearing for when he hits the ripe old age...of two.

I fed him rice cereal for the first time yesterday, and I cannot even convey in words how funny it was. Every time I raised the spoon to his mouth, he would attempt to hold it himself, I think in an endeavour to hurry the process. Only his aim is still off, so instead of actually grabbing the spoon, he only succeeded in knocking it out of my hands, causing the cereal to fly across the table...every single time. Ruby and I were about rolling on the floor. Poor guy, if he would have just exercised some patience, and had a little faith in his mom...he would have been - rather than frustrated - so extremely satisfied.

John came home that night and found dried cereal clumps camouflaged into the vinyl damask table cloth. "What happened here?" he asked in revolt. And the only response miss Ruby and I had for him...was to burst out laughing.





ahe said...

He is so cute and has really chunked up since Christmas!

Brooke said...

Roman does the same thing, tries to grab the spoon each time. I started giving him rice cereal a little early (3 1/2 months) in hopes that he would sleep better at night (sortof working :)). He really loves it too, it seriously just makes such a mess though! Asher looks so happy with his spoon!

shannon said...

What color are his eyes. They look like Ammah's. I call hers pickle green.