Wednesday, December 3, 2008

the sleeping ruby...

One less than ideal thing about always being on the go during our trip, was that Ruby never got a "normal" nap. Oh, she napped alright, just never in a bed. Every morning upon waking she would say "let's go get ready, mom"; and as soon as we were ready for the day, she would stand by the front door, and beg to go "bye bye". Knowing that we wouldn't be leaving as quickly as she would have liked, I tried everyday to get her to lie down and relax...hoping that she would drift off into a morning nap. I never succeeded in getting her to nap before we left for the day, and as a result, everyday, without fail, she would fall asleep in her car seat on the way to our destination. We usually had to come up with some creative way of transporting her into the front of the stroller, which was really meant to hold Asher's carrier; but it worked, and she was always able to get some sort of nap in for the day. I'm just so happy that she is so easy going and accommodating. I have heard of kids that will only nap in their own beds, and if that were the case with our little Roo, we wouldn't have been able to do even half of the things we did. And for the most part, she stayed pretty happy, too :) We were so lucky.

Completely conked out at H&M...loud music and all

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I love the picture on the left. She was so tired one night, that she fell asleep on the edge of the bed...while standing up :)


Grandpa Pitts said...

Aren't they so angelic when they're sleeping??? :-)

diana rose said...

i'm one of the unlucky ones who have kids who will only nap in their beds.

ruby takes after her mama always ready to be on the go!

oh, and i love that pic of rubes sleeping standing up, she's such a crack up.