Monday, October 20, 2008

little prince...


It's been a really really long day. I don't recommend running errands for 8 hours straight, with a toddler and a new born. I AM BEAT. In fact, I'd much rather be in bed than in front of the computer right now. But my little Asher is two months today, and I just couldn't allow the day to end without paying tribute to him. Here are just a few things I love about him...

I love his smell. I'm always sniffing the top of his head because it smells so so yummy.

I love his great big lips.

I love the dimple on his left cheek...and the tiny birthmark on his right thigh.

I love the little bumps we discovered on the bottom of his every single toe.

I love his softer than soft peach fuzz head.

I love his eyebrow raise (see photo).

I love his face...everything about it.

I love his intensity while eating...and how he clenches his fists ever so tightly.

I love his bird legs.

I love his broad shoulders and chest.

I love how strong he is.

I love how his tongue curls when he cries (however, I don't like to see him cry).

I love his "deer in the headlights" expression.

I love it when we make eye contact.

I love his ever so subtle smile.

I know I'm going to come up with so many more things, and regret that I didn't think of them in time...but the truth is, I know I could never enumerate all the reasons I love him. He is just perfect to every way. I'm so lucky he's mine.

Happy two months, Little Prince.


ahe said...

He is a handsome little man! I hope you are able to get some much needed rest and that all is well. Love you!

disillusioned said...

What a doll! Love the bumbo too! Is he getting red hair? So cute!

Mary P.

Travis and Teresa Wilson said...

He does have the cutest big lips I love them . Happy 2 months Asher

Grandpa Pitts said...

He IS perfect! Happy birthday Asher. I love you!

Laurel said...

You are such a good, amazing mom. Really. And Asher IS the sweetest little prince. I just love him!

sarahtuckett said...

i feel guilty that you were out running errands..... i know i caused a lot of them.... Thursday and Friday are my errand days -- let me know if i can pick any thing up for you....i'll be glad when next week if over...and i know you will be too. Thanks for everything!

Ethel Carola Aredes Tapia said...

felicidades por tus dos meses pequeño principe que limdo es el poder saber que estas creciendo fuerte y sano con el amor de tus padres y hermana que continuees asi siguiendo dando alegria y amor a tu familia

diana rose said...

love that little guy!

Amber and Dallas said...

He is sooo sweet! =) What a beautiful little blessing!!