Monday, February 11, 2008

the most fun in a long time

Friday night John and I celebrated Valentine's Day. We're going to be watching our nieces and nephews the 14-17 so we decided to knock it out early this year. We've never been real big about trying to fight the v-day crowds and then having to wait for two hours to get our we typically do our Valentine's Day dates either before or after the big day.
So we went to see the U23D movie, which, by the way, is the very first live-action film to be shot, edited, and shown entirely in 3D. I've seen U2 live in concert 4 times (including this very tour), and I must admit that the film came pretty close to the real thing. It was phenomenal. At times I even forgot that we were in a movie theatre and almost belted out the words to some of the songs...and it was all I could do to refrain from jumping up and joining in the crowd's excitement. And what added even more to my joy and elation was to discover that it was filmed in Buenos Aires!
Seriously, what could be better than a night out with my very favorite person, watching my very favorite band, in one of my very favorite places in this big vast universe?
It just doesn't get much better than this.

It was no secret to the people I served in Buenos Aires that my favorite band was U2. It was a common question asked by many, and I was always proud to provide my answer.

Here is a picture that 17 year old, Matias (my very first baptism), drew for me after learning about my love for U2. I can't really explain why he included James Hetfield in the drawing? Must have been one of his favorites...

And after 18 year old, Sebastian, learned of my passion for the said band, he gifted me this photo...

Sebastian and Larry Mullen JR (U2's drummer)

It was serioulsy the most fun we've had in a long time, and I'm grateful to my Valentine for making it happen.
Love you John...and Happy (early) Valentine's Day!


Sonja said...

I'm glad you had a fun time! Jeremy and I really like U2 also. We've been to a few concerts and they are a blast.

I have LOVED looking at your pictures of sweet Ruby! She is growing so fast. I giggled about the potty training. My girls have always teased me. They show an interest and then quickly loose it.
It will come.

Happy Valentines Day!

The Bentleys said...

hey pretty lady! Sorry i could come chit chat on sunday. Rog was really sick so we went home after the first hour. I hope you guys are doing well and i miss you. I was two seconds from calling you to go to the temple with us but when we were leaving Rog couldnt find his recommend anywhere... so it looks like well have to go re-new and then give you a call next time! k??? Cuz i still wanna be friends ;)


p.s. Did you know Rog served in Buenos Aires???

The Lee Family said...

How fun! I love U2 as well! My sister is trying to get all of us sisters together to go and see it!

Danielle said...

You two are seriously the coolest couple ever. This so makes me want to go see that U23D movie. Gotta love U2.

Brooke said...

If I loved U2 as much as you do, that would have been the coolest! Glad you guys had fun! We're doing Vday Wednesday instead too, gotta love getting reservations and not fighting crowds!

Julie Knowlton said...

I love U2! And I love you too! (I thought that was clever). Nicole, I love that you don't have all your friends and family blogs listed on your page. I want to do that, but how do you remember everyone's blog addresses?

nicole said...

I use Google Reader to keep track of everyone. I love it because I don't have to check everyone's blogs everyday for new posts. It's like your email inbox in that it informs you when there are new updates! It saves me so much time on the computer!
I love it!

Layn & Celeste said...

I didn't know you loved U2 so much! How thoughtful of John to plan such a wonderful sounding Valentine's date for you too.

diana rose said...

what a fun and thoughtful night! i had no idea you were such a big u2 fan.