Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happy halloween!

I'm in love with these vintage Halloween greeting cards...

I just have to say that I can't wait for tonight. I just love Halloween. It was one of my favorites as a kid. Especially because my parents always went all out...from the costumes and the scary movies, to the parties and the haunted the pumpkin carving, and warm bowls of dad's homemade chili. But Halloween was no different than any other holiday for my mom. She went crazy over every single one - big or small. I loved that she made all of our costumes by hand. Each one unique and creative. Each one carefully thought out. Each one made with love...

I hope that over the years, I will be able to create similar memories for my children, and that we, too, will be able to live each holiday to the fullest!

1978 - Tweety Bird

1979- Aunt Jemima (me) with a Hobo (Aaron)

1981- a gypsy (me) with two jack-o-lanterns (Aaron and Matt)

1983- a witch with one of dad's gruesome homemede scars (I was a witch for three years in a row!)

1985- an 80's punk rocker chick

1991- a hippie with Jen dressed as Strawberry Shortcake

1992- probably some kind of disco queen

And a few other randoms...

2003- Dan, John, Mike, and Scott dressed as, I don't know...pimps?

2006- a biker family

2006- Ruby in her chick costume (it fit her much better last year)


Amber and Dallas said...

Darling pictures Nicole. I can't believe your mom was so cute and creative every year. Those picts look so much like little Ruby! Happy Happy Halloween!!

ahe said...

Love the old pics. I have also been a witch about ten times.

buddens said...

I really love your gypsy costume! So cute! Ruby does look so much like you did when you were little! So darling.

diana rose said...

that aunt jemima costume is something else... i laughed pretty hard!

Kira Joy said...

Aunt Jemima...that's it. You win!