Monday, September 3, 2007

little Ricky...

It's hard to imagine that my little sister, Erica is really 15! I was 15, and a sophomore in high school, the day she was born. I hate to admit this now, but I can remember feeling that I'd probably never get to know her very well, that we most likely wouldn't be all that close, simply because of the age gap existing between us. Boy, was I way off. And I'm so glad that I was. Erica has been the perfect addition to our little clan. The missing puzzle piece. She has been a joy and a delight to all of us, and I consider her one of my best friends. So near and dear to my heart.

Erica, I still can't believe that you're 15...I remember, like it was yesterday, the day that dad and I walked you to your first day of kindergarten - could that really have been 9 years ago?
Sure wish I could put a freeze on time for a while.
So anyway, here are 15 things about my little Ricky - on this, her 15th birthday...

1. Her middle name is Virginia, after her grandmother who had passed away the year before she was born. When she was little, she would introduce herself as "Erica Ginia Pitts".

2. She was just five years old when we lost our mom to breast cancer. I remember feeling angry because when the rest of us were crying and mourning our loss, Erica was doing headstands on the couch. I had to remind myself that she was only five, and probably didn't understand that our mom wasn't coming back any time soon. When my dad explained to her that we'd see our mom after we were all resurrected, she replied "Can we be resurrected tomorrow?"

3. Her letters to me as a missionary, were so cute. She would fill up an entire page with something like this: Dear Nic, I love you soooooooo sooooooooooo soooooooo soooooooo soooooo much! I miss you sooooooo sooooooo soooooo sooooo soooooo soooooo much! Love, Erica
I saved all my missionary letters, and every single one from her, was the same. I love those letters.

4. She is so funny. One time she told my sister Angie, that she had seen a just seen a magazine at the grocery store with a picture of "OPRAH...FAT...and...NAKED!" on the cover. "NAKED?" Angie challenged. "Well, not naked...but FAT!" was Erica's reply.

5. She has a beautiful singing voice. She once demonstrated for me, the song she had sung to try out for her school's idols' contest. It was Pearl Jam's Last Kiss. She literally sounded like an angel.

6. She once asked my dad if she could have a section of the unused garden to grow some zucchini. She proved to be a great little gardener, her zucchini was delicious!

7. She's taller than her four (older) sisters, and is very, very beautiful.

8. She is very sensitive towards the feelings of others. Last Halloween, she and her friends had planned to go out trick-or-treating together. Erica had learned of a boy in one of her classes that hadn't been invited by anyone to go out, and truthfully, didn't have very many friends. Erica took it upon herself to invite this boy, who otherwise would have been sitting home by himself that night. When her friends learned what she had done, they said "No way! If you want to come with us, you'll have to un-invite him"! Erica chose to let her friends go on without her, and ended up taking this class mate along with her and her older sister Angie, so that he wouldn't be alone on Halloween.

9. Speaking of Halloween - Erica comes up with the best Halloween costumes, which of course, are all handmade. Over the past few years she's been a washing machine, a piece of pizza, a pop tart, and a joker card.

10. Erica is not afraid to do anything. A couple of years ago, we were playing a game, and had predetermined that the loser would have to fulfill a dare which the rest of the group would arrange. I think secretly, we were all hoping that Erica would lose. Well she did, and we made her wear her pizza costume, with a giant sombrero, and a pair of Harry Potter glasses, into a gas station, all by herself. We had given her five dollars in change, and dared her to go inside and get five dollars worth of stuff, go to the counter to pay for it, and then come back to the car where we'd all be waiting for her. Now if that were me, I'd probably have picked up one or two items equalling 5 dollars, and gotten out of there as fast as I could. I mean, this was in the middle of summer, at a very crowded gas station! Erica, however, wasn't about to act too hastily. She had been given 5 dollars, and would meticulously spend the next 5 or 10 minutes, picking out precisely her very favorite treats.

11. Erica loves the Harry Potter books. For the releasing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, she dressed up as Moaning Myrtle, and had several strangers asking if they could have their picture taken with her...her costume was that good.

12. She is a very creative thinker, and has come up with some of the most original ideas for entertainment.

13. She loves to clean and organize things, and is a very hard worker. She's also a great cook, and will make anything for anyone.

14. She became an aunt when Ruby was born, and is the cutest little auntie ever!

15. She loves the Lord and his Gospel. She is not afraid to share her love of spiritual things with friends of different faiths. She is a wonderful missionary. I know that she has a desire one day to be a full time missionary; and I have no doubt that she'll be an extraordinary instrument in the hands of the Lord...

Happy, Happy Birthday, my sweet sister, Erica! Oh how I love you!


Erica said...

that was one of the nicest things I have ever read thank you so much. It means the world to me. Nic you are like a mom to me I have a ton of memories of you just being there for me and when I was a kid I have to admit I thought you were my mom after mom died. And thank you so much for twilight and new moon I cant wait to read them. I love you so much and thank you for being the best big sister you are.
Erica Pitts

buddens said...

That is the sweetest tribute! I have to admit, the part about your mom just breaks my heart! It sounds like you did a great job as a big sister and filling some big shoes. Your sister sounds like such a great person! Happy Birthday to Erica!

Dad said...

Nicole, that is a perfect description of Erica. She really is the "icing on the cake", so to speak, in our family, isn't she? She is such a good, obedient child (always has been), and is growing up to be a very mature, responsible young woman. I am very proud of her, as I am of you! Thank you for your birthday tributes. They mean a lot to all of us.

I love you.

diana rose said...

what a great big sister you are, and what a fun little sister you have. you both are definitely related, you seem to share many of the same qualities as her.

The Lee Family said...

What an amazing sister! I want to get to know her too!

Kira Joy said...

Erica sounds like a doll. It is so great to hear about families who not just love each other, but adore spending time all seem to come up with the funnest and craziest ideas...I bet you all can't wait to see each other when you can.

Happy Birthday Erica!

Judy said...

That was such a beautiful tribute to Erica. You are both lucky to have such a close relationship.

Camille Law said...

Hi Nicole! Love your blog girl! I am still trying to get the hang of this blog stuff. Ruby is a doll...we need to get out girls together. Please come up & visit. I still feel so badly we missed you last time you came to Vegas. We love your little family. Tell John Congrats on his award it! Miss you tons! Glad we can stay in touch.

Aceface said...

Great little blogzie on Ernesto...Erica, if you read this I love you! and Happy B-day.

Rania said...

Happy Birthday Erica! You are definately worth celebrating!