Monday, August 13, 2007

i fell in love...

John and I were at Barnes & Noble Friday night, and I found this children's book by Nancy Tillman entitled The Night You Were Born. I can't even express the feelings of tenderness that came over me as I opened the cover...and began to skim the pages. Upon reading the first page, my eyes filled with tears, and my heart swelled with love and endearment for my precious little Ruby girl.

On the night you were born,
the moon smiled with such wonder
that the stars peeked in to see you
and the night wind whispered,
"Life will never be the same."

Because there had never been anyone like you...
ever in the world.

So enchanted with you were the wind and the rain
that they whispered the sound of your wonderful name.

It sailed through the farmland
high on the breeze...

Over the ocean...

And through the trees...

Until everyone heard it
and everyone knew
of the one and only ever you.

Not once had there been such eyes,
such a nose,
such silly, wiggly, wonderful toes.

When the polar bears heard,
they danced until dawn.

From faraway places,
the geese flew home.

The moon stayed up until
morning next day.

And none of the ladybugs flew away.

So whenever you doubt just how special you are
and you wonder who loves you, how much and how far,
listen for the geese honking high in the sky.
(They're singing a song to remember you by.)

Or notice the bears asleep at the zoo.
(It's because they've been dancing all night for you!)

Or drift off to sleep to the sound of the wind.
(Listen's whispering your name again!)

If the moon stays up until morning one day,
or a ladybug lands and decides to stay,
or a little bird sits at your window awhile,
it's because they're all hoping to see you smile...

For never before in story or rhyme
(not even once upon a time)
has the world ever known a you, my friend,
and it never will, not ever again...

Heaven blew every trumpet
and played every horn
on the wonderful, marvelous
night you were born.

I am grateful for what this book did for me that night. Not only did I feel a renewed sense of love for my little one, but I found myself loving everyone. People I knew. People I didn't. Those whom I felt a deep rooted love for. Those I had difficulty loving. I thought about the worth of every soul...and of our divine heritage as children of a king. My meager words cannot express the feelings of love that I felt in that moment, as I stood in Barnes & Noble, gripping the pages of this most magical book...


buddens said...

Wow! Now I need to get that book!

ahe said...

That is so tender. I love children's books and have my own collection that I keep up high and am waiting for George to be old enough to understand. I am going to add this one to my collection. P.K. Hallinan has a bunch of great board books that are really tender and engaging for little ones. I especially like "How do I love you" George loves me to read it to him. Another favorite is "I love you stinky face" by Lisa McCourt.

Danielle said...

WOW! That was exquisite. It, too, made me cry and say a little silent prayer in my heart for a friend I just lost...

You are so lucky to be a mom. I pray that Heavenly Father will give me the opportunity to be a mother in this life.

I have always loved children's books and love collecting them (it's an expensive habit, though). Yet, I am walking to the bookstore on my lunch break to pick this book up...

I wonder if these are the words that Heavenly Father would say to us if we were in His presence? Indeed, the worth of souls is great (even though, it's easier for me to see that/think that about EVERYONE ELSE).

Thanks for sharing.

diana rose said...

love it! i'm buying it... thanks for sharing.

(i'm glad i'm not the only one who gets teary eyed in public places.)

Blackner Family said...

Amazing book and very touching! My eyes are still watering! I am always looking for great children's books and can't wait to go buy this and add it to my collection.
My favorite children's book author is Jamie Lee Curtis (the actress.) They are full of self esteem boosts with wonderful and fun pictures. Madonna has great books with great life lessons to. (I know I was very surprised!!)

Brittany said...

So...I don't even know you...or at least I didn't even think I knew you when I started blog surfing and came across your blog, but as I started reading, I realized that I went to Junior High with you. I am Brittany Bergstrom, now Jones, and you were a year older than me. I recognized you when I saw your post with Rania. I hung out with Susie Schwendiman, Lisa Berg, Jamie Hynes, Susan Darger, etc. I moved right before high school, but still kept in contact with many of my WJ friends. Susie is now in my ward and so is Lisa Dana, which is how I found your blog. I just wanted to let you know that I think your blog is so INSPIRING. I am so impressed with your incredible way with words and your outlook on life...especially with everything you've been through. This children's book is such a great's so inspiring and I can't wait to buy it. Thanks for being an inspiration!

Kat & Steve said...

Cute! I might have to order that on! Thanks for sharing!

Dad said...

This reminds me of the children's book your mother fell in love with, and loved her whole life. Remember:

I'll love you forever / I'll love you for always / As long as I'm living / My baby you'll be. ...?

Both books are very sweet.

The Lee Family said...

That is wonderful! I want to go and buy it! I have had the same thing happen to me....crying in Barnes and Noble. I was reading a book called Pink and Say, I can't remember who it is by, but every time I read it, I cry! I bawled in front of my classroom once!

Amber and Dallas said...

Nicole - that is so sweet! I love reading uplifting books and poetry. Ruby is such a beautiful little girl. We love her so much! Thank you for all your help this week. You are the greatest! I Love you!

Lindsey said...

Hi Nicole! I love that book too! What a cute blog you have! I found it through Camille's. It was fun seeing you at Kelly's reception. Check out her blog. It's linked on mine. I look forward to keeping in better touch!

Lindsey Mathews