Tuesday, July 3, 2007

wednesday, june 27th...

We had appointments to get our hair cut today in Provo, so we headed down about an hour early, and met up for lunch with John and Carol Stahmann. Carol was one of my very best friends at Nordstrom. We met when I was managing Kid's Shoes, and she was managing Kidswear Boys. We shared an office together, and that was the beginning of a wonderful friendship. Even after I got promoted to BP, and she to the Rail, we remained friends. In fact, we made sure that we had the exact same schedule. Wednesday was our late night, Thursday was our day off (we'd always meet up and go the the Orem pool together). We also used to go to lunch together everyday, (that was always the highlight of my day). Every time I come to town, we try to commemorate the good old days, by going to lunch together. This time our husbands came too...it was so good to see them! I miss them a lot!

We then got our hair cut, ran to watch my brother-in-law Billy's bike race, and then met up with another one of my best friends, and her boyfriend for dinner. Rania and I have been best friends for the past 18 years. She came into my life during a very difficult time, and literally saved me from a lot of pain and anguish. To this day, I refer to her as My Angel. She too, has had her share of trials, and has always been such a good example to me of how to deal with adversity. We have been through a lot together, and I'm so happy that she's been right by my side through it all . She's the kind of friend that even if we don't talk for months, either one of us can pick up the phone, and we always pick up where we left off. It's never weird or awkward. I'm thrilled that she is dating such a wonderful guy. She deserves the very best, and Clint is just that...he is so good to her, (and to her daughter, Kailey).

The four of us at The Citrus Grill (kinda blurry, sorry...)

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Rania said...

I loved your comment about you stealing my stuff! I laughed so hard!I thought about stealing this pic and putting it on my blog. However, I am gonna think twice about it!