Tuesday, July 31, 2007

my 4's

Guess what? I've been tagged! So anyway, here are some (probably pretty boring) tidbits about me...

4 jobs:
1) My very first job was at Raging Water's - when I was 15. I was the sole employee of a small candy shop, which they named Nikki's candy shop...after me, of course!
I worked there for three, or maybe 4, summers. (Only the first was spent manning the candy shop...the last, I was a part time receptionist).
2) This is a pretty funny one. I worked as a server at Dee's Family Restaurant! This was my senior year of high school. I really wanted to wait tables, but unfortunately, was a little young to get hired at a real nice place. Plus, without any prior experience, I didn't really stand a chance anywhere else. Hey, ya gotta start somewhere; and surprisingly, the tips weren't too bad! In fact, I was making way more $ than any of my friends were at the time!
3) RGIS...it's an inventory company. Have you ever been shopping at a grocery store, or department store, while a whole slew of people were counting the stock, and typing the numbers into a small 10 key keypad hanging on their hip? Well, anyway that was me...for about two weeks...until they made me work like 24 hours straight, and my mom and dad finally came and rescued me from the Sears store. Yeah, I never went back after that.
4) Nordstrom! My favorite place ever! I started in '96 working in one of their DC's (distribution centers). This is the place where all the merchandise goes, before it actually hits the stores. Our main job responsibility, as a DC employee, was to ensure that the vendor's had shipped correctly and accurately, what the buyers had ordered, and then to ticket the items, and ship them to the stores. I loved this job, and worked there until they announced it's closing in January of 2002. I then went to Orem, to open the brand new Nordstrom store! I started out as a salesperson in shoes (where I met my hubby...the Hot stock boy), and was promoted to an assistant manager within just a couple weeks of the store's opening. In February of 2003, I was given my very own department to manage. I managed Kid's Shoes for about a year, and was then promoted to the manager of B.P. That was seriously my dream job...I loved every minute of it (except that I spent a whole lot of money). It was hard having to leave, after 10 years of working for such a reputable company, but I have never regretted ny decision to become a full time mom!

4 movies that I could watch over and over again:
1) Garden State
2) Love Actually
3) Serendipity
4) Life as a house
5) 13 going on 30
6) Mean Girls
(I have way more than 4 on this one. Just check out the movies on my profile...I could probably watch most of those over and over again!)

4 Places that I have lived:
1) Salt Lake City, Utah
2) Idaho falls, Idaho
3) Buenos Aires, Argentina
4) Mesa, Arizona

4 favoritefoods:
1) Cheeseburgers
2) Tacos
3) Cheesecake
4) Coke
(I do like healthy foods, too...these were just sounding pretty good at the moment!)

4 places I'd rather be right now:
1) Cruisin' the Caribbean
2) On the beaches of Hawaii
3) Mar de Ajo
4) road trip with my family (and I hate road trips, but I miss my family...)
5) oh, and Lake Powell

So there you have it...a few little facts about me. If you feel so inclined to post a few tidbits about yourself, I'm sure there are many (including myself) who would love and appreciate you for it!


diana rose said...

whoops! i just tagged you with a similar post. funny!

ahe said...

I don't know what tagged means, you need to fill me in. In the mean time here are my four favorite drinks: 1) Orange Gatorade, 2) Cherry Vanilla Diet DP, 3) Cherry Lime Cream Slush (Sonic), and 4) any decent hot chocolate with whipped cream and occasionaly marshmellows.

Brooke said...

That was fun to read! I knew some of those already. My favorite drink is a Pina Colada but not just any one it has to be brought to me laying by the pool in either Hawaii, Mexico, or some exotic place!

Judy said...

I don't know what tagged means either, but as long as you are in the 4 mode.......my favorite people in the whole wide world. 4x10+1=41 My children, their spouses and my grandchildren=41 My favorite place in the world is to be where ever my family is at the time. Also when I was 4x10, I was blessed with twin boys. My favorite drink is the one Julie brings me.

The Lee Family said...

I just love reading these things! Again, I couldn't agree with you more the Love Actually movie! LOVE IT!