Saturday, May 19, 2007

the great outdoors...

I'll be honest...I'm not big on camping. We used to go when we (my siblings and I) were little, and then, I loved it! I think now that I've gotten older though, I just appreciate my nice comfortable bed, my warm house, my, camping is a lot of work. All the planning, packing, setting up, cooking, taking down...for a single night of sleeping in a tent, on the hard ground, freezing and dirty. It's weird.
We went camping last night. We were coerced into going by a group of friends in the ward (including Rob and Brooke). No, not really. We willingly agreed to go, (but admittedly, not without some reluctance on my part). Needless to say, I'm really glad we did it. We had a great time, and got to know some of the families in our ward, even better than before. Plus, I love the way I feel when I'm surrounded by the Lord's creations. The outdoors and nature. The mountains. The trees. The smell of rain mixed with pine...
I seriously can't help but feel closer to my Heavenly Father in this type of setting.

Ella, Bennett, and Ruby...gathered around the campfire.

The Garn's, Kevin (dad), Tara (mom), Tyler and Ashley (twins), and little Nicole(y)

Ruby in her Bebe Pod...that chair literally saved us (from having to hold her the entire time)!

My grimy girl...
okay, so even though she was completely stuck in her chair, she maybe could still reach a few handfuls of dirt...and maybe the handfuls turned into mouthfuls.

Rob and Brooke...The glamour couple.

The Brothers...packing up camp.

I thought this picture was so cute...Lindsay and Ben Merkley, and Tawnya and Jason Hansen, just laxin' in their tent.


Brooke said...

Such fun....glad we went! Cute pictures! I may need to steal the one of Rob and I. We surely do look glamourous with no make-up and grimy teeth! I also think I look pregnant. But thanks for taking the picture!

ahe said...

I am impressed. I agree with you on the whole camping thing. I have asked Paul on more than one occasion if we can just get rid of all our camping stuff but he never lets me. Now I just count it as part of our emergency preparedness supplies because I don't intend on ever using it to camp by choice.

buddens said...

Looks like fun! I actually love camping, but I do agree that it takes a ton of work. We usually go for a couple of days, which makes it more worth it. Plus, most campgrounds in New England have showers and flushing toilets, so it takes the edge off.