Friday, April 6, 2007

viewer discretion advised...

I had my final appointment this week with Dr. Semrad (the OB/Gyn that performed my surgery). He actually gave us copies of the photos that were taken during each procedure, as well as the preliminary and post operative reports. I debated whether I should actually post these, but, I thought they were interesting; and hey, if you don't think you can take this kind of thing, please, just don't look.

The corpus luteal cyst found on my right ovary.

The right ovary ofter the cyst had been drained and removed. (notice the yellowish, serous fluid that was inside the cyst)

Another shot of the ovary, and that large bulgy thing at the bottom, is my large intestine.

My uterus, and the right and left ovaries.

Our baby...

In the process of removing the baby from the left fallopian tube.

After the pregnancy has been removed...

Another after shot.

The left distal fallopian tube is removed.

I apologize, if you happen to be feeling faint right about now; but, you can't say I didn't warn you...


nicole said...

I see I've left you all speechless :)

Judy said...

Your pictures are very interesting. I have learned so much about pregnancy and birth from your experiences. I am glad that you are doing so much better now.