Sunday, February 4, 2007


I can't believe I neglected to write about the run in I had Yesterday with this guy!

Well, not this exact one...but with one like it! I had heard about people finding scorpions in their homes, but John had assured me when we moved in, that I didn't have anything to worry about, (as there hadn't been any known sitings in our neighborhood). Well, yesterday when I went to the kitchen...guess what I found chillin' in my sink...? Oh my gosh, all I could do was run away, screaming for John. He came to the rescue with a shoe in his hand and took care of our little intruder. I have seriously been so freaked out ever since...tip-toeing around the house, checking my shoes before I put them on, looking behind pillows and inside the sheets before I climb into bed, literally shrieking every time I feel anythything brush past me...
How does one prevent scorpions from invading?...any suggestions? PLEASE HELP...I can't even function in my own house!


dad said...

If they are like other pests (like earwigs, for instance) there may be a powder, a spray, or some crystals (or something) that you can apply around the foundation of your home (usually out to three feet or so width). You could check the pesticide section at your Home Depot. Another thought is to call an exterminator and see how much it would cost to have them take care of the problem. (They may fumigate the inside of your house, as well as whatever they do outside around your foundation.) It might cost a bit, but given the poisonous nature of those things (and your baby to consider), I'd probably check into it...

Lori said...

I'm so sorry!!! Scorpions have NO right to be in your home! Do I have any suggestions? Well, make sure your home is sprayed on a regular basis. I also, seriously, pray that my family will not be stung. I can't bear the thought of that happening, again. Love, Lori

Brooke said...

Wow, we never had any! Do you still get sprayed every other month? Hmmmm you should tell them if you do. Sorry I would be freaking out too!

Judy said...

Nicole, I am sooooo sorry that you found a scorpion in your house.
How dare they come in where Ruby is!!!! My advice would be to call
Lori. She would be the best to give you some tips on getting rid of
them. Maybe lizards like to eat them. I will check on that. Lizards
are not my favorite pets, but they are good at eating insects, and they
like to stay outside... I hope that is the last one you ever have to
deal with. l I love you, and I loved the video where Ruby was dancing
in her swing. Love, Judy