Sunday, January 21, 2007


Who would’ve thought that John and I would bring the Utah winter package, complete with snow, to (of all places) Arizona! That’s right it snowed here tonight, and it wasn’t just a flurry or two, it dumped! We were over at the Costello’s finishing up a nice birthday celebration for Joe, when Lori came running in the room yelling “You guys, come out here…it’s snowing…I’m serious, it’s really snowing!!!” I went to the door to see for myself, and sure enough the front lawn was blanketed in white. It was the coolest thing ever! The funny thing was that John was still sitting on the couch thinking that he was the brunt of a really big joke…that the whole family was in on. He finally got up to witness the wonder for himself. The kids were a riot to watch, all of them running, sliding, playing, twirling…in the snow. I got the biggest kick out of my 3 year old nephew James who came running into the house screaming “MAMA MIA!” while shaking a pile of snow off his head. The drive home was very snowy, wet, and slick, much like the crazy Utah roads in the winter. John marveled the whole way home while telling me that in all his years growing up here, he had never witnessed anything like this. When we got home we threw on the snow clothes and ran out front to build a snowman… kind of ironic since I grew up in Utah, and how many snowmen did I build?...let’s see, maybe one. I had such a great time out there with my husband, we were freezing our buns off but still managed to laugh and have a good time. Our next door neighbors and their friends came out to join us, and between the seven of us, we managed to erect a six foot tall snowman with stick arms, eyes (and mouth) of coal, and a banana nose.
I have one thing to say about the whole experience…what a crazy crazy phenomenon!

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